Posted by: PearlSBuckHouse | 01/20/2010

Exhibit Opening

Here at the Pearl S. Buck House, we are proud to announce the commencement of Phase II, the next step in our much anticipated three phase restoration process!

Phase I, which ended in 2007, brought exterior restoration to the roof, shutters, masonry, window and door areas. The goals of Phase II include interior structural assessment and restoration to reinforce the foundations and support systems of the home for years of future historical interpretation and enjoyment.

A highly qualified team of conservators, engineers, architects and researchers are working together to restore the House to the time period of the family occupation of Pearl S. Buck.  Nothing has been overlooked in the process as seen in Phase I; refurbishing existing windows and hardware, to analyzing layers of paint chips and mortar samples for a flawless restored final result.

Visit us every week to follow the process, to share in the discoveries made along the way, and to witness the changes as they occur.  It is our hope that our updates on the progress of this restoration will satisfy our interested followers and help all feel included in the exciting changes happening at the Pearl S. Buck House.

Please return again and again to be part of our virtual exhibit experience!

Donna Carcaci Rhodes

Pearl S. Buck National Historic Landmark Home



  1. The work looks amazing. Thanks so much to PSBI for all your hard work!

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