Posted by: PearlSBuckHouse | 01/28/2010

January 6: Everything is Packed

PSB Kitchen Before and After Photo

Before: The kitchen as it normally appears for tours of the Pearl S. Buck House. After: the table, chairs, and artifacts have been packed away in a safe place!

PSB Fireplace Before and After Packing

Before: The fireplace was all decked out for the Festival of Trees display, which took place from November 17 to December 31, 2009. After: Decorations and artifacts have been removed, leaving the fireplace decidedly empty looking!

PSB Large Library Before and After Packing

Before: An image of the large library from August 2009, when the original manuscript of The Good Earth was on display on the famed 'Good Earth Desk'. After: All of the furniture has been moved and covered with sheets, blankets, and plastic to keep out the dust and debris that will occur during the restoration.

Awards Room Before and After Packing

Before: The Awards Room was full of important artwork, certificates, medals, and other items bestowed upon Pearl S. Buck in honor of her accomplishments. After: Each item has been carefully packed away and archived for the duration of the restoration project.


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