Posted by: PearlSBuckHouse | 02/04/2010

Feb 1-4: Floorboards and Fireplaces

In this photo of the corner fireplace in the Pearl S. Buck bedroom, you will see the stone hearth taken apart in puzzle-like pieces. The floor boards were lifted for structural examination. Reinforcement, not replacement, is the goal in successful historical restoration.

A closer view of the area reveals the original floorboard color that has been hidden under the masonry. This corner fireplace was added by Miss Buck during the family occupation of the house.

This fireplace on the west wall of the Pearl S. Buck bedroom was originally the room of Mr. Richard Walsh, Miss Buck’s publisher husband. This fireplace dates to circa 1825. The absent floor board will cover the existing beam after it is reinforced for strength with a steel plate and an epoxy filling. Note that the hearth stone has been lifted and a small area has been recessed into the hearth area awaiting replacement of the treated beam.

A detail of a peg in a hand-hewn beam. Note the chisel marks of the builders from long ago, perhaps from 1825.

The flooring of the balcony room is examined. This room had many uses during the Walsh family occupation.

The balcony room floor reveals itself to be much stronger than believed. Note what appears to be a sub floor evident between the beams. Perhaps this was a sound proofing effort to protect the room occupant from the busy dining room below.


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