Posted by: PearlSBuckHouse | 03/04/2010

Support for a Lintel

Phase II Project Site Supervisor Glenn Wesley points out a wood 4 x 6 lintel that remains in place from 1825. The lintel supports the stone above the existing cabinet on the east side of the living room wall and the western end of the summer beam that runs east and west in the living room. A new steel beam will be put in place of this lintel, and a narrow steel post will be concealed within the furrowed-out wall on the south side of the corridor that leads from the dining room to the living room. This post will bear on the stone wall in the basement below. The addition of this new steel beam and the steel post will ensure the massive summer beam in the living is properly supported, whereby live load capacity in the rooms above will be increased.

The wood lintel is evident above the stone. The plaster layers over the stone were likely made during renovations by the Walsh family (Ms. Buck privately used Mrs. Walsh, from her husband Richard J. Walsh). Plaster walls and arches between the living room and dining room remain in place from the Walsh renovations between 1935-1938.

Our last entry explained the routing and leveling of the first floor summer beam which supports the Pearl S. Buck bedroom. The application of plasticine (grey) which will prevent the epoxy from escaping is evident in this photo. The next step is the installation of the steel plates and epoxy. Note the silver conduit is for electrical wiring which runs along the summer beam interior. A portion of a red clamp can be seen in place above the living floor and under the Pearl Buck bedroom. The clamps are in place to help prevent changes to the summer beam as a result of the W.E. R. system installation.

A closer view of the plasticine application.



  1. The pictures are very informative – the work is fascinating.

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