Posted by: PearlSBuckHouse | 03/26/2010

Pouring the Epoxy

As noted in our previous posting, the first floor summer beam supporting the second floor of Pearl Buck’s bedroom has been well-prepared for the much-anticipated application of the Wood Epoxy Reinforcement (WER) system.   The two steel plates rest between the outer edge of the routed-out summer beam and a board which runs down the middle.  In preparation for the pouring of the epoxy, a temporary protective channel comprised of aluminum coil was added along both sides of the upper edge of the summer beam.  This channel, combined with the pouring trays, is meant to help to protect the room from overflow, drips, or leaks.

A light is slowly moved over top of the span to allow team members positioned on the first floor to identify any obvious gaps or natural checking in the summer beam where the light is breeching through. Additional plasticine is applied to prevent the epoxy from leaking.

The team guides and pours the epoxy into the prepared openings.

Two team members wear protective hazmat (hazardous materials) clothing. They are situated in the living room on the first floor below the pour area to promptly address leaks or drips during the pour process.


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